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Bastille Security:

Retail Security

Do you fear the loss of profit in your store due to theft?

Protect your retail business with Loss Prevention Officers and Retail Security Guards from Bastille Security Services.

Bastille Security Services provides highly trained and experienced Loss Prevention Officers and Retail Security Guards. Our service ensures your retail business will protect its profits through reduced losses and keep your staff and customers safe.

Loss Prevention Officers

At Bastille Security Services we ensure that all of our Loss Prevention Officers are thoroughly trained and experienced.

Our loss prevention officers will patrol your store, undetected, acting as the eyes and ears of your business, looking out for suspicious behaviour and shoplifting. They work with integrity, carrying out an effective service without affecting your customers’ shopping experience.

Should our loss prevention officers need to apprehend somebody, they are trained to handle this with professionalism, sensitivity, and discretion.

Retail Security Guards

We provide uniformed retail security guards as a visible deterrent to prevent theft from your business. Depending on your requirements, our retail security guards can be either static at the entrance/exit to your store, or patrolling around the store acting as a very visible presence. This prevents opportunistic theft and makes other shoppers feel protected.

Our Loss Prevention Officers and Retail Security Guards can work alongside each other, or you can just opt for one of these services. The choice is yours of course, but the combination acts as a potent deterrent for your business.