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Investigation Services

Bastille Security Services provides an investigation, surveillance, mystery shopping and pre-employment screening service for the commercial, business and retail sectors.


Bastille Security Services undertakes thorough and discreet investigations for the commercial, business and retail sectors.


If you have suspicions of fraud or misappropriation of goods or money in your company, it can be an extremely difficult to know how to follow through your concerns.

Bastille Security Services has many years’ experience helping companies to deal with these problems. Once we have discussed the nature and extent of your problem we will recommend the use of surveillance equipment and/or the careful placement of one of our investigators.

If we place an investigator into your company, they will pose as a normal employee within your business or targeted environment. Our investigators will monitor daily activities and collect evidence to either prove or disprove suspicions. Combined with sophisticated surveillance equipment, this will enable us to provide you with an overall, detailed picture of any internal problems that may exist, allowing remedial plans to be drawn up and implemented.

Mystery Shopping

We provide professionally trained personnel as mystery shoppers for businesses that wish to observe the qualities and integrity of their staff. Your company may need to identify a particular problem area or you may just wish to have direct intelligence on the efficiency and attitudes of your staff towards customers.

Our investigators will visit your premises, effect a purchase and report back. Company employees and customers will be studied during a test purchase. We will also observe and report back if we think that there is inadequate security or internal check systems.

Pre-employment screening

We offer a full vetting service of potential staff prior to employment.